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Useful Tips for Selecting New Home Windows

Updated: Dec 7, 2022

Builders Installing a New Window | Home Windows

A new window installation can revamp your house exterior, brighten the living space, or add a touch of personality to your wall. Windows from Andersen and Pella are known for their durability and wide-range of styles and colors. Before you replace your old ones, learn which windows work for you. Here are some valuable tips to consider when choosing new sets of home windows.

1. Get windows that match your home’s aesthetic. It is essential to choose windows that appeal to your home’s own unique style. Consider your house's exterior and interior features as your guide in choosing your new windows. Arched and curved window frames give a rustic and vintage look, while rectangular wooden frames are classic and timeless.

2. Consider the materials. Plan out your window installation project by getting familiar with the different types of materials, colors, price ranges, and style options for windows. Contact your trusted window provider to get a quote. Find out if modern vinyl windows will work for your space or if timeless wood frames will better fit your house’s aesthetic. In addition to this, your windows' material also contributes to other factors such as durability and quality.

3. Choose your windows based on your needs. Aside from the right window size and style, your windows’ function is also one thing you should keep in mind before starting a new window installation project. Determine if your living room needs a sliding window or a non-opening one that only brings in light; or how big your kitchen windows have to be to provide enough ventilation when cooking. These are important factors to note before you start shopping for new windows.

4. Take note of where the sun rises and sets. The sun has a significant effect on one’s space. Do you prefer the sun shining in your bedroom every morning? Is the sun’s warmth an issue in the living area? Are you trying to conserve electric power? Do you want the sunlight to brighten the entire house? Keep in mind how the sun and other weather elements can affect your space so you can plan out the placement of your new windows.

If you are looking for the best home window replacement company, call Tri-Star Construction to get a quote. We provide Energy Star-qualified windows manufactured by brands such as Andersen and Pella. Tri-Star Construction is a home improvement and general contracting company in Staten Island, New York.

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