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Most Efficient Windows for Winter

Updated: May 24, 2023

A View of Snow From a Window | Efficient Windows

If your house is located in an area with a cold climate, strong winds, or heavy snow, you should make sure that your windows can withstand the low temperature. Your windows should be able to protect you and your home from the cold, water damage, and other elements that can impair your home, especially during winter.

Getting windows for winter is crucial to help ensure that your home stays safe and comfortable for the family by keeping the cold air out. Doing so can also prevent cracks, gaps, and leaks that may lead to bigger problems in your home. Additionally, you can also save money on your monthly energy bills since these windows are energy-efficient. Here are three types of energy-efficient windows that are suitable for houses located in areas with cold climates. 1. Windows With Low-E Coatings – Low-E, which means low-emissivity, is a window coating designed to control how the heat from the sunlight moves around the house. It releases heated air in the summer and keeps it in during winter, making it extremely efficient to have all year round. Windows with low-E coatings make the perfect window for winter because they can keep the cold air out while still allowing sunlight to shine through.

2. Multi-Pane Windows – Windows that are made of two or more sheets of glass panes sandwiched with spacers are called multi-pane windows. These create air pockets between the layers that are sealed shut, effectively preventing air from coming in or out. That means cold air cannot seep through the glass, making this an efficient window for winter. 3. Windows With Heavy-Duty Frames – You should choose windows that have vinyl, wood, fiberglass, or composite frames. These window frame materials are ideal for cold climates since they can hold heat. Avoid getting aluminum frames since they cannot keep heat as much as the mentioned materials above. It is vital that you pair your energy-efficient windows with high-quality frames to get optimal efficiency from your windows. Get Your Windows for Winter from Tri-Star Construction

Tri-Star Construction in Staten Island, New York offers Energy Star windows from known brands such as Andersen and Pella. If you are looking for energy-efficient windows for winter, give us a call and we will help you choose the ones that best suit your home, style, needs, and lifestyle. We also offer window installation services, and other general contracting works.

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