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How Upgrading to New Windows Will Benefit Your Home

Updated: Jun 30, 2023

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Does your home have outdated windows? If your answer is yes, there's a high chance you are missing out on the many advantages that new panes can offer.

Having modern windows can help you improve your quality of life, from providing a comfortable temperature in your home to ensuring your family's security and safety. If you are still deciding whether to get new windows for your house, here are some reasons to consider it!

Improves Comfort

You can add comfort to your house by replacing your outdated windows with energy-efficient, well-sealed new panes. These modern windows can help reduce your home's cold drafts and hot spots. They ensure that the temperature throughout your house is uniformly comfortable by eliminating air leakage that causes open or muggy spots.

Newer windows have double or triple panes of glass with a thin layer of argon gas between them. This gas can reduce energy costs as it prevents heat transfer and the reduction of ultraviolet rays from entering your home. With modern windows, you can enjoy a more comfortable indoor temperature with lower air conditioning bills!

Reduces Dust and Allergens

Window coverings such as curtains, shades, and blinds are essential to your home. Unfortunately, dust and allergens can accumulate inside them, which are time-consuming and difficult to remove.

However, this is not an issue with modern window designs. Blinds and shades can be integrated directly into newer windows. External fittings do not need to be cleaned since they are already tucked between the glass panes. This means no dust will accumulate on the blinds or curtains, and your home will have one less landing place for irritating dust and allergens.

Provides Security and Safety

Living in a house with faulty windows can be terrifying. Windows are a big part of your home's security and safety. Intruders can quickly enter your home if these screens are warped or worn to the point where they won't even lock.

New windows include safety features like locks and sensors that make them more difficult to force open and break into from the outside, keeping you safer and more secure. They are also made of more durable materials, such as tempered or laminated glass, which are less likely to shatter, reducing the risk of injury.

Hire a Professional Window Installer Today!

Replacing your old windows may be intimidating, but getting help from experts will make the job easier. If you’re looking for the best window installation company in Staten Island, NY, reach out to Tri-Star Construction. We provide expert consultation, measurement, selection, and installation of new panes with many different styles available. Contact us!

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