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How To Measure Proper Window Sizes for Your Home

Updated: May 24, 2023

A woman Doing Window Measurements | Window Sizes

If you are planning to replace your windows due to old age, damage, or extreme weather abuse, then you’re probably shopping for new ones. Before you commit to purchasing a certain type, it is essential that you get the right window size first. Getting a window that doesn’t fit where it’s supposed to go is one of the worst nightmares a homeowner may have.

Although measuring a window may seem as simple as getting a measuring tape and looking at the numbers, it is actually much more complicated than it sounds. So, here are helpful tips on how to actually measure proper window sizes before you start (literally) window shopping.

One easy window swapping method is called pocket replacement, where you can simply get a new window of the same size and replace your old one. This method allows homeowners to keep the original trimmings around the windows. You can also save money because you don’t have to hire a window manufacturer to remove or change your existing window interior trim.

However, there are cases where you will need to change the entire window trimmings of your home due to damage, change of style, water leaks, or other reasons. Or maybe you just happen to fall in love with a new set of windows that does not fit your existing interior trims. Whatever the reason, it is crucial that you get the right measurements before making an order for your new windows.

First, measure the width of your windows from both jambs and not the stop molding. Place your measuring tape from the left jamb to the right jamb to get the width size. Do this step in three places, one at the bottom, the middle, and the top part of your window. If all three don’t match, get the smallest number and use that as your window width size.

Next, measure the window height from the sill to the top jamb. Most window sills are sloped to shed water away from the insides of your home. So, place your measuring tape from the uppermost part of the sill. Like the width, measure your window height in three points, too – right, center, and left. Then, take the smallest number and use that as your window height.

Now that you have your window size, you can take that to your window manufacturer to use as a guide in buying your new ones. You may deduct ¼ inch from the width and ½ inch from the height of your window measurement to make the window installation of your replacement windows easier. This leaves an extra space for the new window shims and allows room to insulate around them.

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