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3 Telltale Signs That You Need Home Window Upgrades

Many homeowners don't think their windows need to be replaced until they find an obvious problem. They appear to be in good shape from a distance, but up close, they may have cracks, rust, or mold that could lead to severe issues if left unchecked.

Windows need to be upgraded just like any other component of your house. Even panes of the best quality will eventually need to be repaired or replaced if they show indications that they no longer work as they should. To help you determine whether you need new windows, here are some signs you should look out for.

1. Difficulty Operating

Are you finding your window harder to open or close than usual? Are they stuck and unable to properly latch or lock? These are sure signs that it's time to start looking for an upgrade!

Most aging windows develop balance issues, which cause jamming and sticking. They may also be caused by the growth of rust, rotting, or mold, which are signs that your current windows are nearing the end of their service life.

2. Window Damage

A small crack may result in the entire glass shattering the next time your windows get pelted by something. Rusted windows also require more force to open or close, putting the handles or hinges at greater risk of breaking. Furthermore, broken windows can let drafts into your home, exposing the interior to moisture. No matter how negligible or severe the damage, it can become worse if not resolved quickly.

3. Outdated Windows

Outdated windows may be less durable and energy efficient. Unlike new windows, the old ones are thinner because they don’t have additional layers and reinforcements that make them more resistant to impact or the elements. Also, the materials they are made of become weaker over timeyou never know when they’ll break.

You can take advantage of the many improvements modern windows offer by replacing your old ones. These include better structural strength as they are often built with double or triple glass panes. Additionally, newer windows can withstand the seasonal onslaught of moisture, dirt, and extreme temperature fluctuations.

Get Your Replacement Windows Today!

You might have to replace the windows in your home for various reasons depending on what signs you see. If you need professional help with home window upgrades, contact Tri-Star Construction in Staten Island, NY! Our team can offer you our extensive selection of high-quality designs and provide you with our fast and reliable window installation. Call us today to schedule an appointment!

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